Impersonation Fraud Awareness

Impersonation Fraud is when a fraudster contacts a victim impersonating professional people such as The Police, HMRC or The Bank. The fraudster will then convince the victim that their money is under attack, or that they owe money and payment is needed. Victims will then send the money away, purchase items or go into a bank and withdraw the money and send to the fraudster via a courier, never to be seen again.

The Bank, The Police and HMRC will never contact you asking you to pay outstanding debt, or to withdraw money and send to a safe account. Please click on the link below or copy it into your web browser to watch the video which has been produced by The Metropolitan Police Service

Accessing Mental Health Services

It was good to meet Paul Becouarn and Hussain Khan from Rossendale Works, Active Lancashire today. Paul and Hussain are working with us on the Rossendale Help Through Crisis Project. to help us prevent and reduce the effects of financial crisis for people living and working in Rossendale.

As part of this we are asking people in Rossendale their experiences of people accessing Mental Health help in the area. We have produced a questionnaire which Paul and Hussain are going to distribute throughout the many groups and activities that they are involved in.

If you are interested in the project or wish to be involved, then please contact me. Tony Sheppard Project Co-ordinator Rossenale Crisis Support, Tel 01706 252012 or email

Stop Loan Sharks!

It’s a one stop shop for victims to get information, access support and report illegal lenders, as well as having information and resources for partner agencies.

Stop Loan Sharks will help you. they understand that reporting a loan shark is scary but they will help keep you safe.


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