Join our 80th anniversary celebrations

Citizens Advice started giving advice on 4 September 1939, the day after the start of World War II.  

We'd love you to join us to celebrate 80 years of giving people the knowledge and confidence they need to find a way forward.

 Thursday 5 September 2019 between 1.30pm and 4.00pm in Stubbylee Hall, Bacup OL13 0DE.

 Refreshments provided.

Accessing Mental Health Services

It was good to meet Paul Becouarn and Hussain Khan from Rossendale Works, Active Lancashire today. Paul and Hussain are working with us on the Rossendale Help Through Crisis Project. to help us prevent and reduce the effects of financial crisis for people living and working in Rossendale.

As part of this we are asking people in Rossendale their experiences of people accessing Mental Health help in the area. We have produced a questionnaire which Paul and Hussain are going to distribute throughout the many groups and activities that they are involved in.

If you are interested in the project or wish to be involved, then please contact me. Tony Sheppard Project Co-ordinator Rossenale Crisis Support, Tel 01706 252012 or email

Drop-in for help with Universal Credit

We are launching a new drop in service, to support Rossendale residents who claim Universal Credit.

Our Universal Credit drop-in will run four-weekly in Stubbylee Hall, Bacup.

At each session, advisers working on our Rossendale Crisis Support Project will plan short information awareness slots on various aspects of Universal Credit (UC) such as payments; conditionality; and employment.

Participants will be able to use laptops to log onto their UC journals and get support from the advisers with any problems they’re having with Universal Credit.  The drop-in will be informal, no booking required, and refreshments will be provided.

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