Housing Support

Our Housing Support Team helped a lady recently who is disabled and was having problems with repairs needed to her rented property.  We explored her entitlement to disability benefits and explained her options about the repairs to the property or possible rehousing.  She told our adviser -

' You've been very helpful and put my mind at rest. Everything I've worried about you've put my mind at rest and told me who I can contact and have felt that you have been interested and not there to just do a job. You've been brilliant. You have listened and told me my rights and instantly made me feel less anxious'.


Call 0808 278 7975 and talk to our team for help on finding a way forward with your problems

Universal Credit - Help to Claim

A client contacted our Universal Credit Help to Claim line recently.  He had always worked and had never claimed benefits before but had recently been made redundant.  We discussed the benefits system with him and helped him make a claim for Universal Credit.  We are also helping him challenge earlier poor decision making by the DWP.

 He told our adviser "Brilliant from the word go. Really helpful, reassuring and absolutely brilliant. I don't think I'd have managed without you."

 Our staff and volunteers are continuing to work remotely - if you need help to claim Universal Credit, phone our freephone number 0800 144 8 444 or talk to us on line https://www.citizensadvice.org.uk/benefits/universal-credit/claiming/helptoclaim/