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REACH IT - Digital Inclusion - Helping you to use computers

ReachIT is a digital inclusion project aiming to ensure that no-one in Lancashire gets left behind by the shift towards the need for digital skills. By providing targeted, personalised digital skills training we aim to improve employability, health & wellbeing, and provide the digital skills necessary to empower those in disadvantaged communities throughout Lancashire.

If you would like to know more about how Reach IT can support you, contact Tony Sheppard on; 01706 252012/01254 304110,                                                  Email; or complete our online contact form

The project brings together the Workers’ Educational Association (WEA), with a track record of providing voluntary sector infrastructure, & LACVS, the Lancashire wide Association of Councils for Voluntary Service, with a network of local third sector infrastructure support bodies. Equality bodies Age UK, MIND, Disability Equality NW, Lancs Women’s Centres, BME Network, LGBT Network, Advice Lancashire form the remaining Board members, and then there are over 30 other VCSE bodies as local delivery partners across the county. All are high performing providers with grassroots reach & proven Digital Inclusion & volunteering support track records.

We’ll ensure that the most socially excluded throughout Lancashire can access ReachIT by channelling engagement & support resources through local communities and services.

ReachIT will contribute to Lancashire’s Employment & Skills priorities including: targeted support, linked to local business needs; developing independent advice/guidance; preparing people for work including employability training & support into work.

Participants will be equipped with improved digital skills leading to enhanced employability opportunities, better financial planning, reduced social isolation, as well as opening up access to online health services. The community will benefit from improved community cohesion (through reengagement of socially excluded people), as well as support for local businesses and the economy.

This project is funded by European Social Fund and National Lottery Fund managed by WEA