Equality & Welfare Reform Transformation Project

Welfare reform measures over the last few years have impacted hugely on equality issues cross the UK, with those most vulnerable and disadvantaged being affected the most, putting them at risk of longer term punitive sanctions, loss of income and a negative impact on health and wellbeing.

What do we want to change?

Ultimately, to end discrimination in social security provision and reduce conditionality requirements to manageable levels for disadvantaged claimants, enabling them to have their rights upheld and be treated fairly by the benefits system.

Our new three year project will start in Lancashire and Greater Manchester, and then roll out across England and Wales.

What will our project do?

  • prevent discrimination and poor decision making by DWP and Job Centres
  • challenge discrimination through individual casework and support for clients
  • stop future discrimination by campaigning and improving access to justice.

How can we help you?

We will: create new tools, impact and advice kits, templates, and client leaflets; offer free training and share good practice; improve pro bono and CLA gateway casework routes, and share resources to support strategic casework.

Nina Stansfield projectlead@rossendalecab.cabnet.org.uk

Amena Patel projectassistant@rossendalecab.cabnet.org.uk

Follow the project on Twitter @equalityCARH